GOTH-3D Korbanth OWK 4 (2021) FDM ECO Chassis


Board Type: CFX
Sale price$37.00


Here at The Saber Armory we are pleased to announce a new partnership with the famous 3D chassis designer GOTH-3Designs.

We are now offering customers the chance to purchase already printed chassis for their DIY builds. These chassis will be printed in high quality PLA.

Note that the chassis will be supplied without the raft or supports removed as this protects the chassis during transit. Removal of rafts and supports is very simple.

This particular chassis is for the 2021 Korbanth OWK4. It is also cross-compatible with the 89Sabers K4 (2019). The chassis is in 3 parts. The main chassis, a blade side PCB holder for the grenade section allowing full removal of the chassis and emitter NeoPixel holder. 

Specs are:

  • Soundboard: CFX/Proffie/Verso (Select Above)
  • Battery: Removable 18650 Lithium Ion Battery. Sold hereMust use battery contacts which are inserted into the chassis. A set is included for you. We sell extras here
  • Speaker: 28mm Bass Speaker. Sold here
  • Power Management: Kill Switch. Sold here.
  • Switches: Low Profile Tactile Switch (2pcs). Sold here
  • NeoPixel: ShtokCustomWorx V3 Short Pins. Sold here. Remember to order 2pcs as you will need one for the chassis itself as well as the emitter. Then a ShtokCustomWorx blade side PCB. Sold here or the ECO is sold here. This is for the internal chassis connection and the second 3D printed piece included with the purchase. 
      Additional notes:
      • If you are an installer / prop builder and want to use these 3D prints for commercial purposes, please contact GOTH-3DESIGNS (, we have solutions for you.
      Please be sure that before ordering, you are fully aware of the shipping policies outlined here:

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