Board Type: CFX
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Here at The Saber Armory we are pleased to announce a new partnership with the famous 3D chassis designer GOTH-3Designs.

We are now offering customers the chance to purchase already printed chassis for their DIY builds. These chassis will be printed in high quality PLA.

Note that the chassis will be supplied without the raft or supports removed as this protects the chassis during transit. Removal of rafts and supports is very simple.

This particular chassis is for the KR Sabers EMPEROR hilt. 

The chassis contains 2 parts. Part 2 is to prevent the LED plungers from falling in the hilt when the chassis is removed. A retention method will be required for Part 2 such as drilling a hole for a 4-40/M3 retention screw hidden under the hilt shroud. 

Specs are:

    • Soundboard: CFX/Proffie/Verso (Select Above)
    • Battery: Removable 18650 Lithium Ion Battery. Sold here. You will also require battery contacts. Some are included for you. We sell extras here
    • Speaker: 22mm Bass Speaker. Sold here
    • Power Management: Kill Switch. Sold here
    • NeoPixel: ShtokCustomWorx ECO NPXL Connector. Long Pins. Sold here. You also need the lens cover which is sold here.
          Important note: It appears that some of the PCBs may have the LEDs solder pads reversed. The Green LED may be connected to the pads marked as 'R' and the Red may be connected to the pads marked as 'G'. So! Before you install please be sure to test the LEDs to confirm the connections.  Unfortunately it seems the factory may have made an error during the production process. Thankfully it is a simple check prior to soldering.
          Additional notes:
          • If you are an installer / prop builder and want to use these 3D prints for commercial purposes, please contact GOTH-3DESIGNS (, we have solutions for you.
          Please be sure that before ordering, you are fully aware of the shipping policies outlined here:

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